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Newest Theory For Olfactory Perception  
1. Investigation of bond oscillation assisted olfactory perception by exciting the molecular chemical bonds using specific IR wavelengths
Wei-Lun Huang, Ming-Ru Tang, Chung-Hung Hong, and Si-Chen Lee

The principle of olfactory perception had been widely studied. The core of the olfactory theory is based on two different mechanisms or the combination of the two. The fi rst is the shape (weak shape) theory that the olfactory receptor only accepts the molecule with a complementary shape (lock to the key)...(download)


2. See front cover introduction of AIP Scilight Investigation

  (1) Discovery of X Signal

1. Observation of “wired” cell communication over 10-lm and 20-lm poly(dimethylsiloxane) barriers in tetracycline inducible expression systems

Ching-Te Kuo, Cheng-Yu Chi,Pei-Yi Wu, Fang-Tzu Chuang, Yueh-Chien Lin, Hao-Kai Liu, Guan Syuan Huang, Tzu-Ching Tsai, Andrew M. Wo, Hsinyu Lee, and Si-Chen Lee

Communication between cells and extracellular environments is of interest because of its critical roles in cell development and differentiation. Particularly, this signal transduction is commonly believed to rely on the contact and binding of the participating molecules/proteins, suggesting that the binding distance needed is less than a few nanometers...(download)

  (2) Qi and Torsion Field

1. The Yin-Yang Entangled Qi Field- the Scientific origin of Feng Shui(風水)

Si-Chen Lee

Tranditionally Chinese believe that Feng Shui(風水) determined by the environmental conditions and position, scale, shape of a person's house or ancestral graves may affect the good and bad fortune of a person, including his career prospect , health, etc. In the present-day scentific world, except a few people still firmly believe Feng Shui based on... (download)




2. The Physical Essence of Crystalline Qi - Torsion Field

Si-Chen Lee, Hsiung-Kung Tsai, Wei-chieh Liang

The Qigong master can generate different kinds of Qi which produces observable effect of either enhancing or inhibiting the growth of cells incubated in a test tube. This external Qi does not belong to the physiological or psychological phenomenon of
human body but contains physical energy including shock wave and infrared radiation. (download)




3. Qi Oscillator –Based on the Interaction of Quartz Qi Field with Special Words and Patterns

Si-Chen Lee

Traditional Chinese cultures emphasize Qi including “practicing Qi”, “cultivating Qi”、 “propagating Qi along meridian”、”generating external Qi”. It is also believed that quartz, rock, minerals, mountains, rivers, trees, geographical environment all have Qi. The Qi field and Feng-Shui (風水) of living house and office needs to be taken care. (download)

  (3)Complex Space-Time

1. Complex Space-Time and Complex Quantum Mind—An Unified Platform to Explain the Large, Medium, and Small Scaled Mysteries of Universe and Consciousness

Si-Chen Lee

The large scale universe is full of mystery; the dark matter and dark energy amount to respective 23% and 73% of
the total energy of the universe, whereas the rest 4% of the total energy is attributed to the normal material world
which can be comprehended by the present science. .



2. One Object Two Images – The Possible mechanisms of Finger reading and Psychokinesis

Si-Chen Lee

The real universe consists of 8-dimensional (8D) space-time, in addition to our familiar 4D real space-time (3D space plus 1D time),so called Yang (陽) there exists an additional 4D imaginary space-time so called Ying (陰) that belongs to the conscious world. (download)

4. The Structure and Physics of Mind
Si-Chen Lee

The philosophy of materialism had dominated the trend of scientific development for hundreds of years, mind is always treated as not a real thing but a secondary property of brain which belongs to the emergent properties of the complicated brain neural network. Its existence depends on the material brain. (download)

  (5) Qigong and External Qi

1. The Generation of "CHI" by Stimulation Method

Si-Chen Lee

Based on the known properties of external and internal "Chi" we postulate that the biological basis fo generating "chi" is to enhance the brain wave α rhythm(8-13Hz). Therefore, we designed several stimulation methods including external (such as flash light) and internal(such as fast thinking) ones to induce "Chi." (download)




2. The Qi-Kung States and the Infrared Spectra of External "QI"

Si-Chen Lee

We measured the variation of the brain wave of the "Qi-Kung" masters during their practice of "Qi" and found two different "Qi-Kung" states, i.e. resonant and quiet states. We also measured the 3-5 pm infrared spectra of the external "Qi" generated by "Qi-kung"generated by "Qi-kuang" master using InSb detector. (download)




3. Two Qigong States wih α wave Characteristics

Si-Chen Lee and Yang-Chyuan Chang

This paper describes experiments to measure α brain wave variations in individuals performing qigong. The findings show variations between two states traditionally called quiescence(ru ding) and risonance (gong zhen). In the state of quiescence, the peak power of α brain wave is significantly reduced. (download)




4. Effect of Emitted Bioenergy on Biochemical Functions of Cells

Chin-Hsiang Chien, Julia J. Tsuei, Si-Chen Lee, Yu-Chih Huang, and Yau-Huei Wei

The 3-5 μm infrared spectra of the external "Qi" generated by a "Qigong" master from his palm was measured using a Ⅲ-V compound semiconductor InSb detector. It was found that certain Qigong master can emit two opposite kinds of "Qi" emission, large amount of infrared wave...(download)

  (6) Finger Reading and Psychokinesis

1. Finger Reading(the third eye)

Si-Chen Lee

After repeated test of three girls over 10 years old we proved that by just touching a piece of folded paper they could indeed "see" the color and shape of figures or characters written on the paper. There information appeared on a screen emerging in their brain. One of the girls had been tested for 212 times. (download )




2. 手指識字之特異色覺與正常色覺的比較:一個個案研究


本研究企圖區辨功能人在特異功能下之色彩感覺與正常視覺下之色彩感覺的差異,藉著這些比較,我們相信能進一步理解產生特異視覺的信息場運作特性與相對應腦功能的活動方式。實驗結果發現,外界提供的光源在功能人的特異視覺屏幕中可能扮演照明的角色...( 詳全文 )




3. 固體產生宏觀量子波之可能成因

Si-Chen Lee

Many Gong-Nen-Zen(功能人, people possessing extra sensory perception and psychokinesis) have the abitlity to make pills or crystals penetrate the sealed glass bottle wall without breaking the glass. Sometimes they can even transfer insect out of the sealed glass bottle and still keep the insect alive. ( download )




4. Unification of Mind and Material---The Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena

Si-Chen Lee

Character recognition by finger is an information in-flow process that the brain extracts external informationon a piece of paper through the fingers and constructs an image in itself. This is accompanied by the emergence of screen effect in the visual field. (download)




5. 意識調控花生起死回生之研究


The peanuts "Taiwan No.11" were treated in high temperature and high humidity environment for one month. Their germinant percentage after normal germination processes was zero. This indicated that the proteins enzymes in the cell of the peanut were dissocaited that led to the death of the cell. (download)




6. Microsculpture by Psychokinesis

Si-Chen Lee, Chulin Sun, Jinchuan Shen, Yicheng Lin

It has been demonstrated that the psychics with extraordinary human ability (EHA) can concentrate the energy of her psychokinesis to drill a conical hole on the hard coin, the typical diameter is around one mm. We investigated the possible limit by shrinking the hole dimension using psychokinesis.(詳全文)

  (7) The Existence of Information Field and Its Characteristics

1. Finger Reading: Exploring the Information Field

Si-Chen Lee, Daren Tang, Chien-Te Chen, Shinh-Chin Fang

Some people are able to read images by using their fingers rather than their eyes. After nine years of investigation, we confirmed that children between 6 and 13 years old can be trained in finger-reading. An earlier report suggested ...(download)




2. The Observation of Extraordinary Phenomena when Special Keywords are Tested in the Experiment on Character Recognition by Fingers

Si-Chen Lee, Chien-Te Chen and Darin Tang

We have tested repeatedly the character-recognition-by fingers (CRBF) capability of three youngsters aged from 9 to 17 years old, and proved that by just touching a piece of folded paper with fingers, they could “see” the color and shape of the characters and figures drawn on the paper..(download)




3. The connection model between keywords and information field in finger reading experiments

Si-chen Lee

We provide more evidence to illustrate the relation ship between the personal ability or cultural background of the children and the abnormal scene they visualized in the finger reading experiments. The cognition ability of the third eye in their brain behaves like a browser used in the internet. (download)

4. Traveling around the visible and invisible worlds
Si-chen Lee
We have discovered that the information field (spiritual world) behaves like a world wide web. In addition to clickingthe home page of the information web site by testing sacred words (web address) in the finger reading experiment, it ispossible to click the sub-page of the web site by testing a combination of sacred words together with orally recite password.(download)
5. 與信息場對話
6. The possible connection between information field and dark matter and dark energy
Si-chen Lee, Daren Tang, and Han Kuo
In the 1970’s, when the astrophysicists measured the rotation velocity curves of numerous spiral galaxies, they discovered that the rotation speed of the spiral arms didn’t decreaseas approaching the edge of the galaxies where the luminescent materials significantly reducedsuggesting a reduced mass, a weakened gravitational force, but instead the rotation speedkept a high value. (download)
  (8)Conference Paper  

1. Finger Reading by Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Chang-Wei Wu, Kai-Hsiang Chuang, Si-Chen Lee, Ching-Po Lin, Jyh-Horng Chen

Some people are able to read images or words by using their fingers rather than their eyes. Such capability of finger reading has been studied since 1979. However, the mechanism of the finger-reading phenomenon is still a mystery and remains controversial...(download)

  (9)Related Paper  
1. Do Human Fingers “See” ?— “Finger-Reading” Studies in the East and West
Yung-Jong Shiah and Wai-Cheong Carl Tam

The "finger-reading" effect refers to successful touch identification to apparently flat targets on paper, where the participant is unable to see, or feel, any normal sensory cues to aid touch identification. Studies of this have been running for over 10 years in Taiwan. A quarter of children, after finger-reading training, appeared to be able to determine .(download)